Keeping Sketch, A Guide


KEEPING sketch, that ancient Irish practice passed down from generation to generation. A technique, a skill, a direct link to your kin and ancestry, that if left unpracticed could seep away from your brain thus you lose a great tradition.

WWN is hand to make sure that doesn’t happen, for keeping sketching is a key component of Irish culture and must remain so. The Indians have yoga, we have keeping sketch.

Essential for when robbing a house, or robbing anything really. Also important for sneaking out of the house avoiding being caught by your parents. A key asset when venturing to the fridge to sneak a bit of food away from the judgemental eyes of your partner or friends.

Think of a circumstance and no doubt, keeping sketch for yourself or someone else, will make an easier time of things.

Stand guard, with a clear view of any potential oncoming foot, air, sea, land and/or road traffic

Nicking a biscuit from a press. Keeping an eye out as your fellow burglars stare in a window of a house. The guiding principles are all the same. Be vigilant, make sure their is nothing obscuring your view and that you can see all potential angles.

Scream like a demon when compromised

Once someone’s clocked eyes on you and realised something is a foot, the time has come to scream at the top of lungs to alert those you are keeping sketch for. If you’re keeping sketch for yourself, the same applies, if anything this will immensely confuse the person who has stumbled upon you.

Never forget where you come from. Support our traditions and heritage.