Black Hole Shaped Hole Found In Universe’s Heart


A LEADING group of astrophysicists have observed the presence of a newly formed black hole at the heart of the universe, leading to many people to descend into a sombre mood.

“It just appeared out of nowhere this morning, it’s a sad development,” confirmed physicist Professor Yvonne Towdey, tears forming in her eyes as she absorbed the new information.

Professor Towdey and her team continue to attempt to ascertain why and how the black hole formed in the recent hours, with a new theory coming into formation.

“The universe is probably contending with the incalculable loss of something or someone great, and it’s manifested itself in the form of a black hole shaped hole in the universe’s heart, the poor little guy,” Towdey explained.

A growing number of physicists as well as members of the public have come forward to study the images released by Towdey and her team, all confirming the unmistakable sight of a universe in mourning.

“Is this hole an ever-expanding sense of loss the universe will have to grieve over for some time to come? Who knows,” Towdey added while consulting Stephen Hawking’s 1966 PHD thesis Properties of Expanding Universes in a bid to the answer the question.