Nurses Whinging Again


A SPOKESPERSON for the government and the HSE has expressed their dismay at the fact a social media post from a psychiatric nurse, who has criticised how she and her colleagues are treated in Ireland, has gone viral, with the spokesperson careful to dismiss the post which has over 44,000 likes as just nurses whinging again.

“Well, if they have time to write and post social media whinging, they obviously aren’t overworked,” confirmed the spokesperson, who is beginning to hate their job and what they stand for.

The Facebook post in question whinges endlessly about how psychiatric nurses have had to take industrial action to highlight a lack of funding, poor working conditions and understaffing.

“If we had a euro for every time a nurse moaned about how the health service is in disarray, well, we’d have enough money to fix the health service but obviously we’d spend it elsewhere anyway if we had it,” the spokesperson added.

Moaning, nagging nurses have become an annoying fixture in Irish life over the last decade as they seek to irritate everyone with tales of how those in their care are rarely afforded the dignity, resources and staff levels needed to treat them, which has led to several successive governments having to waste their time and energy drawing up convincing sounding empty promises.

This latest rant from millionaire nurses working a 4-hour week comes on the third anniversary of the publication of an expert review into the Mental Health Act 2001 which made a total 165 recommendations that could transform psychiatric care in Ireland if implemented.

However, to date only one of those recommendations have been implemented, something the government confirmed it will somehow spin into a way to praise themselves.

“One is a bigger number than zero, which when you think about it, is a good thing,” the government spokesperson said while popping some Champagne.

If you would like to know when the other 164 recommendations made by experts three years ago will be implemented you can moan and whinge like a pain in the arse ungrateful nurse to the minister for mental health at [email protected]

Any of the 44,000 people who liked the social media post have been told if they want to organise a march on Leinster House in support of nurses, that wouldn’t hurt either.