“That Must Be Nice For Them” Says Local Woman Watching Muslim Kids Play In Snow


“SURE isn’t it probably their first time ever seeing snow, let alone playing in it?” marveled Waterford woman Ciara Shandling, looking out her front window at the Middle Eastern kids from seven doors down playing in the deluge of snow dumped on the country by Storm Emma overnight.

“Look at them, they probably haven’t a clue what’s going on. There was never snow out there where they come from, wherever that is. Syria, or one of those places you see on the news”.

Shandling, 45, noticed the family of five kids out playing in the snow this morning, along with around 100 white children who she passed no remarks of. Taking note of the Middle Eastern children’s preparedness for the cold weather, Shandling has surmised that generous government aid has helped the probably-refugee family to enjoy the winter fun.

“And look at them there, all dressed up for the winter with their hats and coats and scarves and gloves, never mind them,” continued Shandling, who has closely monitored the family’s every movement every day since they moved into the neighbourhood two years ago.

“All of that would cost a fair bit, and I wonder where they’d be getting the money for that? The father works somewhere alright, I see him going off in the morning, but the mother doesn’t go anywhere. Probably not allowed work, isn’t that the way with a lot of them? Still, five kids all dressed up in the best winter gear. I think you know who’s paying for that, don’t you. You and me, that’s who”.

Meanwhile WWN have caught up with Zaharrla family as they played on the green, with Limerick-born dad Dr. Ahran Zaharrla confirming that this is indeed his family’s first time seeing snow since their skiing trip to Andorra last year.