Moving Scenes As Public Reunited With Their Local Pub After Storm Emma


IT WAS the moment they feared would never come again, but despite the paralysing horror that was the thought they would never see the inside of their local pub again many members of the public have been reunited with their beloved watering holes after the worst of Storm Emma dissipated.

Hugging the walls of pubs around the country, tightly gripping their facades while delicately whispering ‘I love you’ and ‘I’ll never leave you again’, thousands of regulars eased their way into their dearest pubs relieved the nightmare is now over.

Camera crews around the country caught the heartwarming moments pub attendees rushed from their cars, racing towards their locals like it was their love interest and they were Hugh Grant in an average romcom movie currently streaming Netflix.

“It’s been a confusing, scary and vulnerable time for me,” remarked one local pub attender to WWN, “you think maybe that’s it, you’ll never see them again. I cried. I rang the barman constantly. I cried some more. It’s been a heartbreaking 36-hour separation”.

Erotically caressing the fixtures and fittings of their local, the public teared up as it caught site of the old bodhran that sits above the bar only to break down completely when trying to order a pint of Guinness.

“You never think of weather as pure evil until it causes a separation like this, but what that snow did to us, I’ll never forgive it,” explained another local, who hadn’t felt this abandoned since his father left to go to his local 46 years only to never be heard of again.