BREAKING: Neighbour Needs You To Move Your Car Because They Can’t Drive For Shit


THE neighbour across the street is currently making a hames of reversing their Nissan Micra out of their driveway because your car is parked in their field of view, WWN has learned.

Making animated gestures with their hands relating to the positioning of your vehicle, while also trying to look as frustrated as possible, your neighbour has resorted to revving the car’s 1.2 litre engine in the hope you look out your window and do something about their predicament.

“They don’t even own their house,” your now frustrated neighbour barked at his now nervous wife, who is also a right bitch by the way, “could they not park their car anywhere else where it’s not in my way every time I have to illegally back out onto the communal street”.

“Of course, I could reverse my car into my driveway every time I come home, and there wouldn’t be any of this problem, but I own my house, so I shouldn’t have to that kind of thing,” your neighbour added, now plucking up the courage to knock on your door and ask you if you could move the car again for the 5th time this week, without punching your face in.

Instead, you passive aggressively offer to ‘direct them out their driveway’ in a bid to prove a previous point you made that “you could back a bus out there”, while covertly emphasising that they “can’t drive for shit”.