Trump’s Toes Caught Tweeting Under Podium While Delivering Speech


AMERICAN President Donald Trump has come under fire today after a photographer in the wings snapped a picture of his toes frantically tweeting underneath the podium while he addressed the World Economic Forum.

Mr. Trump spoke Friday during his first trip to the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, where he pitched investment opportunities in the United States to global government and business leaders.

However, many Twitter users were flabbergasted to find that several tweets were posted at the time he was live on stage, raising questions as to who was behind the account.

‘These bunch of losers all want a part of America now that I’ve made it great again’,’ one tweet said while he was still addressing the forum, ‘that lady in the front looks nice, some fine looking women here in Switzerland, very pretty, the best women’.

It wasn’t until after the speech that photographer Hans Lurkan posted the picture to his Twitter account, outing the presidents previously unseen toes tweeting under the podium.

“His toes were typing so fast that I was a little astounded at first,” Lurkan recalls, “I mean, it’s certainly not something one would expect to see on such a high profile stage like that. I was 20 feet away from Mr. Trump and could hear his orange toes tapping away on the phone’s screen, so I aimed my camera and took the shot, before the CIA guys ushered me out of the wings and back behind stage”.

The picture clearly shows the presidents toes tweeting as he spoke.

‘The audience here seems to be buying into the press covfefe on this reduced corporate tax rate thing,’ worded a misspelled tweet, with the mistake later blamed on his Mr. Trumps toes.

“Have you ever tried typing with your toes?” a spokesman for the president defended. “The president broke his little toe playing golf two years ago and he has problems spelling some words. I’d challenge anyone else to try and deliver a speech and tweet like Mr. Trump – it’s a gift”.