Guide To Decorating Your Hotel Room This Christmas


IT’S beginning to look a lot like Christmas; from window displays in shops, to antlers on cars, everyone is starting to decorate their surroundings to get into the festive spirit. And even if you’re living in emergency accommodation after losing your home in March, don’t think you’re going to get away with not putting up a tree this year! You and the kids can have just as much Christmas cheer in your lives, by following these steps:

1) Make effective use of the space available

A twin bedroom in a Travelodge might not strike you as the perfect place to put up a Christmas tree, and you’d be right, there’s far too little space available, especially when you factor in the suitcase full of everything you were able to salvage when you and the kids fled from your abusive partner. So instead, get one of those little trees like you used to have on your desk at work, before you had to quit to look after your kids because you couldn’t afford child care as a single parent.

2) Home-made decorations will look amazing

You can’t go back to your house where your Christmas decorations are stored up in the attic because your partner assured you that he would slit your throat if he ever saw you again… but you should have thought of that before you met him, you silly moo. And with no cash to buy decorations, you could try to make some with the kids. Make a game out of it! Now, you won’t be allowed to make them in the hotel room because management has very strict rules about arts and crafts, so maybe you could make some in the park that you sit in while you’re waiting to get back in your room between the hours of 11AM and 5PM. Wrap up warm, and allow the paper mache extra time to dry in the cold.

3) Decorate the room with love

Christmas isn’t about shiny baubles or tinsel, it’s about being with the ones you love. So snuggle up with your kids and assure them that yes, Santa still visits Celtic Tiger hotels on the sides of motorways. You’ll probably have a more meaningful Christmas than the rest of the country, even though most of us still think you’re pulling some sort of long-con to get a free smartphone or something. We see you, you sneaky girl. We know what you’re playing at.