Local Kid Finally Comes Down from Halloween Sugar Buzz


THERE was a huge relief for a Waterford family today when their 8-year-old son finally came down from a sugar high that had lasted almost two full days, after consuming his body weight in sugar on Halloween night.

Kenny Traynor emerged from his artificial sweetener-fueled rampage in the early hours of this morning, following 48 hours with no sleep, 20 straight hours of screaming his face off, and a number of bowel movements that are reported to have consisted of nothing but pure, undigested Haribo.

Traynor’s parents Elizabeth and Malcolm admitted to WWN that they had allowed their son to eat his trick-or-treat haul on Tuesday night, but stressed that they had no idea that he would be ‘on a mad one’ for the next two days.

“I found him on the roof yesterday, standing on the chimney pot,” wept Elizabeth Traynor, as her son lay passed out on the floor in front of her.

“Christ knows how he got up there. He kept shouting that he was going to stay up there until next Halloween. We had to call the guards to tazer him, and the fire brigade to catch him in a big blanket when he rolled off the roof. We’d never have thought that allowing a small child to eat 30 kilograms of pure sugar and chemicals would have had such a dramatic reaction”.

Meanwhile, the hunt for the Traynor’s other son, 7-year-old Cian, who ate like, fifty Refresher bars, is still ongoing.