“Oh My God, I’m So Weird Sometimes” Claims Boring Local Woman


A LOCAL WOMAN from Waterford, whose life has been thus far characterised by a risk-adverse conformity has made the inaccurate claim that she is so weird sometimes, WWN has learned.

Ciara Mennerton (27), from Lismore, reportedly made the erroneous claim to friends yesterday evening, maintaining with a straight face that her personality contains traces of behaviour that society would deem out of step with the vast majority acceptable norms.

“Oh my God, guys! Look, I’m so weird sometimes,” Ciara shared while pointing at something on the living room table which turned out not to be an example of behaviour that qualified as weird at all.

Ciara, is believed to be part of the near 67% of people who fail to understand the truly obtuse and surreal personality quirks which can often give birth to weird, amusing and eccentric behaviour.

Testimony from those closest to the HR manager has confirmed that Ciara remains reluctant to do anything that wouldn’t be widely approved of by society and still loses sleep over the thought of not getting to bed on time.

“She fucking finished a packet of Malteasers, that was her big ‘I’m so weird’, a person eating chocolate, it’s the least fucking weird thing anyone could do,” a visible irritable friend of Mennerton’s, Shona Carty shared with WWN.

“Weird is pretending to be a Spanish giraffe possessed by the ghost of Michael Jackson for the entirety of watching a movie with the girls, which is something I did and then Ciara cried and asked did I have mental health issues, actually maybe she is weird,” confirmed Shona.