Tag A Mate Who’s Falsely Claiming The Dole LOL – Article Not Monitored By The Government


WE ALL have that one mate who’s falsely claiming dole, or maybe claiming it correctly and not applying for an average of six jobs a minute, either way, let’s use some of that classic Irish humour and tag them below this piece of content which was absolutely not paid for by the Department of Social Protection.

Do you know of someone getting up early in the morning, in full time employment and engaged in some less than legal practices? Perhaps they’re not paying the correct tax? We’re not interested, sorry, this is a fun, not-part-of-a-government-effort-to-cut-off-peoples-benefits-for-any-spurious-reason game involving only worthless scum that are in receipt of social welfare.

There’s no rules in terms of how you tag your mate, it could be with a casual ‘lol, this is you in a nutshell’ or ‘uh oh, looks like they’re onto you’ however, for reasons we’re not going to get into here, but it’s definitely not because we’re in league with the Dept. of Social Protection, we would actually prefer if you listed their home address, phone number and PPS number if you have it to hand.

Nothing sinister about that, don’t read into it too much, just know it’s purely for the LOLs.

Oh, and you don’t have to stop at tagging just one mate. We won’t pass on this info to someone to investigate, so enjoy tagging away without fear of any consequences for your friends and/or loved ones.

Remember, this is just your local news outlet coming up with some fun and engaging content for which it did not receive a 6-figure sum from any government department.

Come on now, get tagging, ‘cus at the end of the day, over €54 billion a day is stolen by these people, at least according to the figures provided to us by the Department of Social Protection, who, as we’ve said repeatedly, did not pay for this content.

Tag! Tag! Tag!