Woody Allen To Write Weinstein Scandal Movie Directed By Roman Polanski


AS Women in the creative industries of America continue to come forward to share their experiences of sexual assault and harassment, a leading team of Hollywood filmmakers has vowed to tell the moving story of an abhorrent abuse of women, by men in power.

“The flood of stories emanating from across the world in the wake of the Weinstein allegations shows us the unprecedented scale of what many knew already,” explained co-producer of the film, Benjamin Balero.

“And when we sat down to think about it, without consulting anyone, there just isn’t anyone else who could possibly suit a project like this more than these two titans. This industry owes it to itself to tell the story of how many people ignored this behaviour”.

Producing under the Male Gaze Films banner and backed by investment firm Mens Capital, legendary scribe and director Woody Allen will pen a script set to be directed by Rosemary’s Baby and The Pianist director Roman Polanski.

“To be able to pool the immense talents of these guys, and tell a story that really needs to be told, it’s an honour. We’re going to give a voice to these women,” confirmed one of the film’s backers Jonathan Kerridado.

“It’s great, and I can’t wait to get it out there. Any women I’ve shown it to really respond to it, including my daughter-wife and when I showed them the script, they also liked that too,” Allen shared with movie site MenOnMovies.

In exchange for securing additional funding, the as yet untitled movie will have to be filmed entirely in China and minor changes to the source material will see the harrowing tale centre around a man who is wrongly accused of sexual harassment despite overwhelming evidence he is guilty.