Insane Conspiracy Theory Claims America Elected Donald Trump As President


A BLOG posting from a clearly disturbed individual claiming Donald Trump was actually elected President of the United States of America has gained significant traction online via conspiracy theory websites and forums and has been shared over 100,000 times, WWN can reveal.

Kurt Bronnater, a Florida based bachelor in his 50s, shared a picture which seemed to suggest crass and simple billionaire Donald Trump had been elected to the highest political office in America and that a shadowy network of the world’s real decision makers and power brokers were trying to keep it a secret.

“Look, he’s standing next to his wife and he has an American flag pin on his jacket, and the media are asking him questions. And no matter the bullshit that comes out of his mouth, they don’t interrupt him, it’s like they’re giving him the respect and reverence normally reserved for a sitting US president,” Bronnater said in a blog on his website

The sad and likely lonely Bronnater then proceeded to share more images of Trump, which turned out to be a series of crude photoshops depicting the New York property tycoon being sworn into office and meeting world leaders at official engagements.

Despite the outlandish nature of Bronnater’s blog, many people on Facebook have chimed in, adding their own theories as to how and why Trump’s election to president is being hidden by the CIA, FBI, FEMA, other letters of the alphabet and Jews.

“Wake up people, a picture doesn’t lie,” said one commenter, who somehow believes Trump, who currently stands accused of harassing and assaulting several women was actually elected president.

In one last pathetic throw of the conspiracy dice Bronnater produced a picture of the results of the electoral college which claimed Trump won a 2016 election.