Christ Church Cathedral To Be Demolished Over Noise Pollution


FOLLOWING an objection lodged against the construction of a large scale mosque in Blanchardstown due to concerns over “noise pollution”, Dublin City Council has confirmed that it may also have to demolish Church of Ireland’s Christ Church Cathedral along with 20 Catholic churches in the city centre in a bid to strike a balance amongst the different faiths.

Plans for the huge development, including a 29-metre tall minaret, were approved by Fingal County Council last month, however, an Ashbourne resident has now lodged an objection with An Bord Pleanala due to concerns over traffic and the call to prayer being too loud.

“The complainant pointed out that the call to prayer can often start as early as 5.30am and the last call to pray at 9pm causing noise pollution,” a council source told WWN, “but the thing is, Christ Church Cathedral is more central and causes more of a racket everyday with its bells, so we have no other option now but to demolish the whole thing if this mosque doesn’t get the go ahead – fair is fair”.

Plans for the Blanchardstown development, which would be one of the largest mosques in Ireland, were first lodged with the council just over a year ago with many locals not being consulted about the build.

“It’s a disgrace a religious order can just build a place of worship like that, make loads of noise and park wherever they fecking please,” voiced local Catholic Paddy Holden early this morning, who regularly parks on the double yellow line outside one of the 20 Catholic churches in Dublin’s city centre.

“Next thing you know they’ll be looking for their own Angelus before the news,” he concluded, ignoring the Catholic Church bell outside.