Having A Full Tattoo Sleeve To Be Mandatory By 2022


CITING the continued trend towards covering every inch of one’s arms in ink, a government decree has lead to the phasing out of non-inked arms by 2022, in a bid to cut the disconcerting practice of not having 100 tattoos.

A clear and undeniable statement of one’s individuality and unique character; bare arms have increasingly become a divisive topic with many believing themselves to be adversely judged by the majority of the public who state their body is a canvas.

“Not sure how they think they’re going to get a job. How do they think bare arms are going to look to a prospective employer?” scoffed one tattoo sleeve owner, Joe Hennard, “there’s tattoo-less lads at work passed up for job promotions, and they still think to wonder why, I think we all know why. How do you expect people to take you seriously if you don’t”.

The drastic proposals which will be a boon to tattoo parlours has been welcomed by those within the minority bare arms community.

“I’m for it to be honest, the stigma of having no tattoos gets to me big time. I was wearing a T-shirt the other day and I was getting loads of judgmental looks, I’d like to say attitudes will change, but they won’t so I’m going to have to conform,” shared ink-free Waterford man Gary Corrins.

Others have criticised the law change, citing the fact they don’t have enough significant dates in their lives to tattoo and aren’t that big on inspirational quotes in other languages.