CONFIRMED: Las Vegas Shooter Was Lone Wolf Conspiracy Gun Nut False Flag Domestic Terrorist Disgruntled Loser Government Patsy That ‘Just Snapped’


LAS VEGAS officials have taken to the comments section on a Facebook post by a reputable fake news outlet to confirm that Stephen Paddock, the gunman who opened fire on a country music concert at the weekend, was a lone wolf shooter who conspired with dozens of others to perpetrate his heinous act of violence.

Paddock, a disgruntled, mentally deranged individual who knew exactly what he was doing when he volunteered to be a patsy for the government in a left-wing false flag operation designed to make the American people call out for stricter gun control as well as more freedom for gun owners, was killed by Las Vegas police on Sunday, moments before he was whisked away by helicopter along with a new identity and millions of dollars in cash.

The gun nut, who had never fired a gun in his life, has been outed as a raging right-wing member of Antifa who frequently ranted about nothing to no-one on a number of high-profile MySpace accounts.

“From the moment I heard about the shootings, my thoughts and prayers were with the brave, callous souls who were pulling off this attack,” said one YouTube commentator.

“What we have here is an act of domestic terrorism, carried out by the US government in a bid by Donald Trump to destabilise Donald Trump. It’s clear that there were about nine, possibly no other shooters on the scene at the time. What are the government not telling us? Why do we have to figure all this out by ourselves?”

The attack, the worst mass shooting in the history of the modern USA, resulted in the deaths of 58 civilians who were also crisis actors who are now all living the high life with their grieving relatives and friends who are all over the moon.