Local Woman Really Milking Old Picture Of Herself From Ten Years Ago


A COUNTY Waterford woman has opted to repost a picture of herself from 2007 despite it being ten years old and not resembling her one bit, friends and family members have confirmed.

Theresa Rice, who has posted the image on Facebook a total of 28 times since it was taken, was branded ‘a bit of a charlatan’ when it comes to sharing photographs of herself, with the majority of them taken in peculiar angles and lighting in a bid to elongate her face and promote her features.

“I don’t know how she does it, but every picture she posts up of herself actually looks nothing like her,” long-time friend Jane Garage told WWN, now tutting at the repost and rolling her eyes, “she’s milking the bollocks out of it. Everyone knows what you look like, so stop sucking in your cheeks to make you look slimmer, it’s kind of creepy at this stage; just who are you trying to fool?”

The 49-year-old gained 6 likes and a total of 4 ‘gorgeous’ comments from various Facebook friends, many of whom unaware of who she actually is and what she looks like.

“Who the hell is Alunde Paptunde, when he’s at home?” pondered another friend after reading one of the comments, “Theresa has short hair now and doesn’t even wear makeup anymore since she got married to Tom – who, may I add, is worse for letting her post this picture again”.

Experts believe that Ms. Rice’s picture may be some kind of coping mechanism for growing old or a nostalgic anchor, helping her cling to the past and feel the emotions she once felt while in the prime of her youth.

“She’d want to cop the fuck on to herself,” one expert concluded.