Mary Lou McDonald Spotted Writing ‘I H8 Varadkar’ On Dail Lockers


SINN Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald is being sought by Leinster House staff over a recent spate of graffiti attacks, most of which were slurs and derogatory statements about Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

The Dublin Central TD had been involved in what political scientists have described as ‘handbags’ in the Dail yesterday, which resulted in Ms. McDonald walking out in disgust after the Taoiseach called into question the political prowess of Sinn Fein both in the Republic, and the North of Ireland.

Shortly after storming out, slogans such as ‘I H8 Leo’, ‘Eat sh!t Leo’ and ‘Fuck u varadker’ appeared in the lockers outside the Dáil, where TDs leave their lunchboxes and book-bags before heading into the chamber.

“I saw a woman that looked not unlike Ms. McDonald running away from the area before the discovery of the graffiti,” said one Dáil caretaker, who has had it up to here with these stinking TDs.

“I’ve seen that Varadkar lad and that McDonald girl jibing and snarking at each other for ages now, they may keep it to themselves and not deface any more Dail property or I’ll take it up with the Ceann Comhairle. If they had to clean it themselves, they’d have more respect”.

Varadkar has yet to confront McDonald on the matter, but was spotted laughing with his Fine Gael mates then getting real quiet as she walked past, then laughing again.