Brave Dad Bares Bod Less Than 6 Months After Wife Gave Birth


NEW dad Keith Mallon has been heaped with praise after daring to appear in public wearing just a pair of swimming trunks, less than six months after his wife Jean gave birth to their first child.

33-year-old Mallon took to the swimming pool at his local leisure centre wearing just a pair of three-quarter length Nike shorts and a pair of Speedo goggles, leaving onlookers amazed with his post-birth figure.

Although some people were put off that Mallon would be showing so much skin in public so soon after his wife went through 46 hours of labour, many others rushed to commend him for bravely flaunting conventions that new dads should hide their bodies away.

“I think it’s a wonderful message to send to new dads everywhere about being proud of your body, even after your missus gave birth to a child,” said Jim Horan, editor for Waterford Men’s Fashion magazine

“Your wife having a child doesn’t mean that you have to stop going to the gym, eating right and looking after yourself. And even if that’s not possible, a man’s post-baby body is just as naturally beautiful as it was before the baby was born.

“Anyone shaming Mr. Mallon would want to have a long, hard look at themselves,” he added.

Keith Mallon was later joined at the pool by his wife Jean, who really appears to have let herself go after their child’s birth.