“Jesus, You Can’t Say ANYTHING These Days”


AS PART of our WWN Voices series, we give a platform to people that we really shouldn’t. Today is the turn of Darron McTowell, a staunch defender of George Hook’s right to say whatever he likes, and a frequent presence in over 200 comments sections.

Okay, great! I hope you’re happy feminist liberal Antifa pro-anti-everything. Another great bastion of sensible thinking has been silenced. Yes, he has been a prominent broadcaster in print, radio and TV for much of the last 25 years, but he’s been prevented from saying anything by the baying mob.

The real victim in all of this is George Hook, someone who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and whose words were shamelessly quoted in full and used against him by the social justice warriors who have the gall to provide the correct context of what he was ranting about. And now, the attention seekers, who prattle on endlessly about rape and sexual assault like it’s something worth highlighting and trying to bring an end to, are using the incident to drive awareness of sexual assault.

The cuckification of discourse is upon us all. And I see comment sections across Ireland are filled with people who share my opinion, Twitter too, it’s clear that we are being silenced! Hundreds of comments, with lengthy arguments which remain online to view for everyone make it clear; there is nowhere for people like us to share our opinions. I have let hundreds of people know this on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, the comment sections of The Irish Independent, The Irish Times, The Journal, Flower & Garden Monthly, Fox, CNN and The Irish Examiner. We have nowhere to share our opinions, which are just common sense.

A voiceless presenter with a daily audience of 98,000 innocently suggested that perhaps women share the blame for being victims of sexual assault, and somehow, the crazed feminazis had to turn this all into some sort of discussion of awful and outdated attitudes to sexual assault which can result in victim shaming. How these snowflakes drew that over the top conclusion is beyond me.

Some mindless companies are withdrawing their ads from the greatest radio show in the history of the world. Have they gone mad? Bowing to Liberal gangs armed with machine guns, and in league with Islamic extremists who demand people have a sense of compassion and decency. This isn’t the Ireland I grew up in. But fine spineless radio sponsors, I’ll take my business elsewhere. Like to see how you survive without my parent’s money!

I may be writing an opinion piece in a leading Irish news publication right this second, but you can’t say ANYTHING these days without some sort of accountability. Which is outrageous! You might want to live in a world where people are free to say what they want but aren’t free from the consequences, but I don’t.

Things you can’t say now (thanks liberal fascists): ‘blueberry’, ‘breast’, ‘pedestrian crossings are vile’, ‘it’s all women’s fault’, ‘I like Garth Brooks’, ‘1950s’, ‘immigrants should be slaughtered’, ‘the word “herring” causes cancer’, ‘the holocaust never happened’. You’d think there is nothing objectionable in any of those words but somehow, the snowflakes take offence. And no, before you say I’m a snowflake, my uncontrolled and unfiltered rant, which is going off on wild tangents, does not show me to have thin skin. It’s you that has the thin skin. I got my GP (a man, so what?) to measure my skin and he said it’s the thickest he’s ever seen.

It’s you who can’t take hearing things you don’t like, not me. I’M NOT MAD ABOUT IT, YOU ARE!