Man Cheats Death After Noticing Mold On Slice Pan


A LISMORE man is counting his lucky stars after coming within inches of killing himself earlier today in his kitchen, WWN can reveal.

Geoff Higgins, a 32-year-old IT consultant, was preparing his breakfast just like any other morning only to feel the eery hand of Death brush against him.

“Coffee, banana, toast with several clumps of butter on it. That’s me every morning, I like my routine, but something just felt off this morning,” Higgins now recalls from his local A&E department after receiving the once over from medical professionals.

“Toast popped, had a nice golden look to it, lashed the butter on and raised the slice to my mouth, like, I was going to eat it. I was this close.

“But then out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something on the slice pan on the counter…mold,” Higgins elaborated.

The grown man fainted as he realised how close he came to consuming bread which had horrifying greenish-blue specks of mold on it, only to be found by friends 3 days later.

“Doctors say that if I had actually consumed a bit of the mold, well, that would have been it, gone. Done. Life over,” a still shaken Higgins shared.

The medical staff treating Higgins explained just how lucky the Waterford man was.

“Oh Jesus, you’re talking between 45-60 seconds of coughing and spluttering while saying ‘ew, ew, ew’ or ‘yuck’ before administering an emergency glass of water to the mouth to clear the mouth out. Geoff is one very lucky man,” Dr. John Morgan explained.