Guide To Securing All Ireland Final Tickets From The Local GAA Club


SO you’ve followed your county to every single match they played; through hail, sleet, wind and rain but for some reason can’t seem to secure an All Ireland hurling final ticket for this Sunday? Never fear, the securing all Ireland hurling final ticket guys at WWN are here:

As you may have already found out, securing All Ireland hurling final tickets from your local GAA club is a lot different from securing tickets for any other of the less important games during the year. You don’t think that just because you supported your county at every game that you can just waltz into the club chairman expecting to be rewarded for your years of consistent game attendance, do you? Bless, you really haven’t been at a final in years, have you?

Every good ticket seeker knows that you have to be somehow related to the club chairman or one of the club’s committee members before you even get a look in at an All Ireland final ticket. So, our first bit of advice is to falsify your birth records to simply imply that you are in fact a blood relative. He will already have allocated immediate family members with tickets, so we suggest pretending that you are an in-law, cousin, someone who he can’t immediately deny, someone close enough for him to part with four tickets.

Becoming a chairman’s golfing buddy may seem like an extreme thing to do to get an All Ireland hurling final ticket, but we would strongly recommend trying it. Golf has long been known to be the game of choice for retiring sports stars and GAA club committee members, and taking up a sport you have no real interest in just to get tickets is actually more common than you may think. In fact, Rory McIlroy only took up the game to secure two tickets for the 1991 All Ireland football final between Down and Meath from his local club chairman, and look at him now.

And if all else fails, blackmailing a county player or chairman with a compromising photograph of them from a 2004 stag party in Amsterdam may be your only salvation. Photoshop one if you have to. Those boys don’t remember nights out at the best of times.