Man Hides 100 Cans In Stradbally Ahead Of Electric Picnic


“THIS might actually be the single smartest thing anyone has ever done in history,” said Electric Picnic ticket holder Paul Kavanagh last week, as he covertly distributed over 100 cans of beer around the Stradbally field where the festival is set to take place.

Kavanagh, 32, devised his plan after securing tickets to the three day event earlier in the year, and headed down to Stradbally to dig holes and bury cans before the event staff closed off the field and began erecting tents and stages.

Hiding cans in hedges, in long patches of grass, and in rabbit holes, Waterford native Kavanagh is looking forward to really enjoying his favourite bands while getting shitfaced without having to carry heavy slabs around with him.

“Me and all my mates can’t wait for EP, but we’re not looking forward to traipsing around with 50kg of drink,” said Kavanagh, giggling as he tossed cans up a tree.

“This way, we can just collect our cans throughout the day whenever we feel like it. Chill out, hear our favourite bands, have a bit of a rock-out, and just dig up a wee hole and grab a few more cans as and when we need them. No queueing for a month at the drinks tent. No staying in the camping section drinking cos you can’t take your cans in with you. Just a lovely wee treasure hunt and loads and loads of wonderful, slightly muddy cans”.

Kavanagh admitted that he didn’t really ‘make a map’ of where all his treasure was hidden, but he’s ‘fairly sure’ he’ll be able to find it all while the area is full of thousands of people.