WWN Property: Choosing The Right Parents To Move Back In With


SAVING for a deposit for your first home with your partner? You guys are going to really need to tighten your belt and stretch every penny which is why you may find it helpful to stop renting and move back home with your parents for a few years, where rent isn’t an issue and you might even get your washing done for free.

However the move-in-with-parents system of saving isn’t as straightforward as it may seem, as many people may be unsure as to which parents to choose.  Luckily for you, WWN Property has gathered all the answers you’ll ever need:

Make sure the parent is alive

The aim of the game here is to save money, which means you absolutely must move back in with a parent that is alive. There’s nothing to be gained from leaving your 1-bedroom apartment to move in with your husband’s dead mother – graveyards offer very little shelter from the elements, and are often far from commuter routes which would make your trip to work a serious hassle.  This may sound obvious, but we thought we’d mention it anyway, like when we told you that making sandwiches was cheaper than buying them.

Pick the pushovers

Your parents are probably delighted to have you and your spouse around for dinner now and again, but they really thought that they’d be able to let that spare room out to a Polish lad by now. It’s the same on your other half’s side of the house, so who do you move back in with? Simply pick the one who’s a pushover, whether that’s the mother who can’t say no to her son, or the dad who would do anything for his little girl. Work on these soft-touch parents and get yourself a gaff that you can quietly ride each other in for a few years.

Do they have to be your parents?

Just throwing it out there, you may not have to limit yourself to your own mums and dads. According to the latest census, there are well over a hundred sets of parents in Ireland, and some of them may be open to a strange couple moving into their box room rent-free for a few years. Knock around a few houses and explain your case: “hello, I’m saving for a house and a bank ad told me I should move in with parents. Can I live with you?”. If this fails, just paint ‘need parents’ on a cardboard sign and sit by the side of the road. You’ll have a gaff in no time!

Consider a threesome

If neither of your folks want anything to do with you, you may need to rethink your relationship. Introduce a third lover to the mix. Get all continental with it. Not only will it make your sex life super weird and interesting, but you also get access to a third set of parents that might very well put you up in their attic conversion while your savings inch towards the crucial 10% mark. Sweet!