QuinnBet Offering 2/1 Odds That Nobody Remembers Anglo Scandal


IRELAND’S newest online gambling venture QuinnBet has opened a number of novelty markets to celebrate it’s first week in business, including 2/1 odds that nobody in the country fully remembers the exact circumstances which caused owner Sean Quinn to file for bankruptcy, or why he spent nine weeks in jail.

Veteran businessman Sean Quinn launched QuinnBet after emerging from bankruptcy terms that forbade him from being involved with the running of any company for several years.

To celebrate the launch of the much-needed new bookies, QuinnBet are offering spectacular prizes to punters who can write a one-page essay about the massive breaches of financial regulation that lead to the downfall of Quinn Insurance, as well as Quinn’s 28% share in Anglo Irish Bank which wiped out €2.8billion of the Quinn fortune when Anglo folded in 2008.

“Mr. Quinn has decided that his new business venture will be one that he’s very familiar with”, said a spokesperson for QuinnBet, “namely, gambling huge sums of money on risky ventures that may or may not pay off. But unlike other punters who will lose everything if their bets don’t pay out, the Quinn’s seem to always come up tops.

“Anyone who wishes to contact them can get them at their Northern Ireland address… actually, let me check that… sorry, their Isle Of Man address, yes, that’s the one they’re using these days,” he added.

The Quinn family also made sure to brashly call their new venture ‘Quinn-something’, rather than remove themselves from the negative connotations of that title, due to bankruptcy removing the last remaining fuck they gave.