Derrynane Locals Angered They Weren’t Invited To Unofficial Rave


DERRYNANE locals were left reeling today after realising a full-blown music festival went on under their noses in a protected National Park in Kerry, and no one had the decency to invite them.

It is believed over 60 teenagers descended on the Kerry beach over the bank holiday weekend, leaving behind a “trail of destruction”, including human waste, condoms, packets of empty skins with roaches torn off and hundreds of empty cans and bottles.

“It’s very disappointing as it looks like they really had a great time here,” said local 47-year-old, Clive Tobin, who is part of a group of volunteers who are currently helping to clean up the area, “we wouldn’t mind cleaning it up if we were all invited along for the session, but no, these little shits went off and had an all-out rave without us.

“All we can hope for now is to find a couple of yokes, or a nodge of hash to keep us going… absolute disgrace”.

Locals estimated that a total of 14 tonnes of rubbish has already been collected from the scene, with an unknown number of wild animals mentally scared from the high BPM tracks emitting from the DJ decks.

“How hard is it to send out a few invites on Facebook?” Tobin went on, obviously still sore about not being invited, “we don’t mind the bit of craic around here; as long as we’re asked to join in. It’s just bad form to have fun like that and not ask anyone outside their circle to come along. Typical teenage behaviour”.

A Garda forensic team is currently fingerprinting cigarette butts at the site in the hope of tracing the DNA of the ravers responsible for the private party.