“Watching Game Of Thrones Is the Most Relaxing Part Of My Week” Says Slaughterhouse Worker


“After a 50 hour week in a concrete box listening to animals howl as they fall to their knees seconds before they die, there’s nothing I like better than to kick back on a Monday evening and watch the latest episode of Game Of Thrones,” said Cian Kenny, a Waterford abattoir employee and avid GOT fan.

“It really helps me take my mind off the constant death and suffering that I’m surrounded by on a daily basis, and the show really lifts up my spirits”.

Kenny, 32, is currently watching the latest episodes of the smash hit HBO show, now in its seventh and penultimate season.

After a hard day of butchering cattle in local meat processing plant LGF Foods, Kenny headed back to his Waterford apartment last night to get dressed in his comfy house clothes, crack open a cold beer, and sit back and watch the latest episode on… let’s just say on Sky Atlantic for legal reasons.

After 59 minutes of classic GOT death, suffering, sexual assault and misery, Kenny was all ready to head to bed for a nice peaceful sleep, before cracking back into work at 6 tomorrow morning.

“I know I have to get up in the morning and bolt-gun a hundred cattle to death, but right now I’m pure chillaxed,” said Kenny, snuggling into bed, “I’m just pissed off that there’s only 5 more episodes this season, then I have to wait another year for more.

“I’ll have to find something else to relax me after work. Maybe I’ll watch some ISIS beheading videos on Liveleak or something; prepare me for the final episodes,” he finished.