Waterford Man Puts Dog Kennel On Airbnb


ONE WATERFORD man is expected to make a six-figure sum this year after listing his dog’s kennel on accommodation website Air BnB, WWN understands.

Brian Giffort, 32, is charging €89 a night for what he describes in the listing as a ‘unique alternative living experience which is a post-modernist rejection of modern living quarters convention. Spacious and luxurious’.

The Tramore man confirmed there had been an unprecedented demand for the property, which had no en suite, but did come with a water bowl, meaning the kennel is already booked out for the busy holiday season this year.

“Hipsters, isn’t it? I just included some shite out ‘clean living’, ‘life changing’, ‘chakra cleansing’ and my phone was hopping with the booking requests,” the kennel landlord confirmed.

“I think people who have stayed in it are afraid of admitting they don’t get ‘it’, the ‘unique vibe’, so they just end up leaving 5 star reviews. But make no mistake, it’s where my dog shits, I’m scamming them good and proper, the wannabe cool idiots,” Gifford added, before revealing his budgie’s cage would be rented out to a family of 6 for two weeks in April.

Airbnb hosts have recently come under criticism for the perceived part they play in the ongoing housing crisis in Ireland, an accusation we were only too happy to level at Gifford.

“Have you seen the price of some hotels, no wonder people are interested in the kennel, even if I increase the price by €200 I’m still better value than the majority of them,” Gifford defended.