Dublin Student Has Great Idea For A Podcast


A DUBLIN BASED student has revealed that he has a great idea for a podcast which he believes could occupy a unique and a soon-to-be wildly popular corner of the vibrant podcasting community, WWN can confirm.

20-year-old Jack Durgan, with an address in the spare room of his parent’s house, has finally decided to share his one of a kind voice with the world.

“As much as I love some work done by podcasters, I just feel my voice is what’s missing from it all,” explained Durgan, currently working part time in Dealz.

Stressing the fact that his ‘unique voice and perspective’ is what the audio world needs right now, Durgan began listing off a number of things missing in the medium of podcasting by listing off some of the most popular podcasts in the world.

“I’m thinking something to do with interviewing famous people, or stuff on movies, or music, or science, oh and maybe a wry nostalgic look back at pop culture of yesteryear, ‘cus from what I can see, there’s a lack of that. A lot of the ‘top’ people are producing really average stuff,” Durgan explained.

“But get this; my one will be presented from that bus out the back of the Bernard Shaw, and I’ll work Snapchat in somehow,” added Durgan who has not ruled out adding in a pinch of An Irishman Abroad, the Nerdist, 99% Invisible or Second Captains.

“It’s like WTF with Marc Maron, but with me,” concluded Durgan, before crunching the numbers on a €20 euro weekly subscription model for his podcast.