Forced To Lay Off 12,676 Junior Staff


THERE was bad news on the jobs front in county Louth this afternoon after editor Leo Sherlock was forced to lay off almost thirteen thousand young writers in a bid to stay afloat, after a court ruling on copyright infringement cost the “sole trader” an undisclosed sum of money.

Issuing an apology on, the editor of Ireland’s most beloved, unbiased and trustworthy news website, explained that articles and pictures that were plagiarised and stolen from other news outlets only appeared on his site after some of his younger, unmoderated writers mistakenly copied them into the articles they were writing.

To save The Liberal from bankruptcy, the media mogul has had to lay off the “young writers” as well as the majority of his junior writing staff, totalling 12,676 redundancies, leaving just 13,891 remaining journalists, photographers, editors, GIF makers, cleaners and canteen workers to cover the publications outgoing original content.

Speaking exclusively to WWN via email, a source close to the publication turned the blame on the massive loss of employment on the vicious media publications that originally sued Leo and his 432 aliases for plagiarism.

“I hope they’re happy, seeing thousands of young writers forced onto the dole like that; just so they can tarnish the impeccable record of Mr. Sherlock,” wrote the source, using the email address LSHERLOCK6945678 at gmail.

“Mr. Sherlock is one of the finest minds in the country right now, but is generous to a fault, he brought in all those young, inexperienced writers to pass on some of his impeccable journalistic experience in the hope that someday they too would become some of the most brilliant commentators in the country, if not the world.

“Is it his fault as editor-in-chief who is responsible for checking all outgoing articles, that they just happened to copy and paste hundreds of stories? No – Leo is way to busy to check every single thing that goes out on the site; those iPhone and Penney’s voucher competitions don’t run in a completely legitimate manner by themselves, you know”.

UPDATE: Due to some factual inaccuracies in the above article, WWN would like to issue the following apology to The







Sorry Leo