RTÉ Version Of ‘Love Island’ To Be Named ‘Riding Peninsula’


PUTTING licence-payers money to good use yet again, RTÉ have purchased the rights to make its own version of reality dating show Love Island, which will hit our screens under the name ‘Riding Peninsula’ later this year.

The ITV hit, which see’s single people paired off into couples competing for a cash prize while supposedly falling in love with each other, is currently one of the most talked-about shows on social media thanks to its glamorous cast, backhanded cheating, and general reality-TV-ness.

RTÉ, under pressure to come up with original ideas that will prove its worth to a new generation of licence-payers, have devised a version of the show that features just as much glitz as its ITV counterpart, with the exception of ditching the villa in Mallorca for a 5-bedroom B&B out near Howth.

“We’re currently casting some of the most beautiful RTÉ staff members’ cousins as we speak,” beamed one executive, as he introduced Riding Peninsula to journalists today.

“We’re going to stick the ten of them out in Howth and follow them as they talk about how hard it is to be single in D4 when you’re from one of the wealthiest families in Ireland and your teeth are perfect. Then maybe a few of them will ride each other and the media can tear them apart and viewing figures will soar. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a great host too! He’s one of RTÉ’s up-and-coming talents, a real swell guy called Ray D’Arcy. Really in touch with the youth of today, plus we’re trying our best to get our money’s worth out of him”.

The first and presumably only season of Riding Peninsula hits screens in September.