Caitriona Perry To Star In Special 9 Hour Late Late Show After Being Complimented By President Trump


ACCORDING to several news outlets it looks like that rumoured surgery to look eerily like Ivanka Trump has finally paid off for RTÉ’s Caitriona Perry after she was told by President Trump she had a ‘nice smile’, thus securing herself a 9 hour long Late Late Show special about the incident in the process.

Late Late producers have cancelled the planned episode scheduled for this Friday which was to feature Nathan Carter and Nathan Carter, replacing it with a one on one interview with host Ryan Tubridy and the experienced Washington correspondent Perry.

“We’ll start at our usual time at 9.35pm but we’ll go until 6.35am. What Caitriona has achieved is simply staggering, I’ve never had any interest in her reports before but this was a stunning achievement, girl power and all that, and we want to drag the absolute arse out of it for as long as possible,” confirmed one producer.

Perry, for her part, has made little of the interaction and has insisted she will simply carry on covering American politics. However, it is believed she will be flown into Dublin on Friday for the Late Late Show extravaganza by RTÉ which will spend 540 minutes dissecting the second’s long interaction between the journalist and President Trump.

RTÉ has already set in motion a stand alone 4 hour Reeling in the Years episode covering the 14 seconds that they say has ‘changed Ireland forever’. The special edition of the Late Late Show will open with 200 children singing a musical number depicting the moment Perry was told she had a ‘nice smile’.

Two hours of the show will be dedicated to how much of a creep President Trump is.

“There’s talk of having the Late Late in the 3 Arena for this episode but it’s early days yet, I’m thinking the Aviva myself,” confirmed host Ryan Tubridy, “I don’t think it’s fully sunk in for the Nation yet, an Irish journalist, acknowledged by an American President, some say a 9 hour Late Late isn’t long enough and I tend to agree”.

A statue of Perry is to be unveiled in her home town later today.

The exchange between Perry and Trump is said to be worth $45 billion to the Irish economy, with the media industry already benefitting as publications hire 12,000 extra staff to write lists and ‘best Twitter reactions to’ articles relating to Perry.

Check WWN’s website later when we have a 192 image gallery of the best pictures of Caitriona Perry, journalist and holder of a Masters Degree in International Relations.