Full Transcript Of Taoiseach Varadkar’s Phone Call With President Trump


EARLIER this afternoon, just two hours ago, newly installed Taoiseach Varadkar spoke to President Trump in a phone call set up to congratulate the Fine Gael leader on his election to Taoiseach.

WWN has obtained the full transcript of the phone call and has reproduced it in full below:

Assistant to President Trump: Hold for President Trump please.

Leo Varadkar: Certainly, I’m honoured to… (Varadkar is cut short by hold music)

President Trump: “Prime Munster Cleo Babacar, congratulations on…on..what did you do?”

Babacar: “It’s Leo, actually and I was voted, well elected, eh, well actually my fellow politicians agreed not to stop me becoming the new leader of Ireland”

Trump: “You won Cleo, great, great. You know, I won too. I don’t know by what margin you won by but mine was bigger”.

Babacar: “Of course it was Mr. President, I just want to put on record my delight at beginning a relationship with…”

Trump: “You know, we got some big news here the other day. The biggest. But judging from your name Babacar, it’s not good news for you. We’re not letting in funny named people anymore under my Muslim ban, eh, ‘travel ban’. The Supreme Court love it, they say it’s the most beautiful executive order they’ve ever seen”

Babacar: “Well lucky for me I’m not Muslim so, that ban isn’t the best, I wouldn’t say I agree with…No, no I’m not a Muslim, just gay, which haha, I hear you’re Vice President isn’t a big fan of, but I’m not too hot on the poor so we have that in common (the Taoiseach talks to someone else in the room) Lads, be quiet, he has no idea I have the whole Cabinet in here!”

Trump: “Yeah, we haven’t banned that yet. (Speaking to someone in the room) We haven’t, have we Mike? No, Cleo, not yet. Very tough to ban the poor too, you wouldn’t believe the trouble if you try that. So when can I come over to Ireland and open a few golf courses and hotels”.

Babacar: “Well, about that Mr. President, I fully intend on honouring Taoiseach Kenny’s invite, but I must first address concerns some Irish people have about…”

Trump: “Next summer suits me. I’m going to say June.”

Babacar: “Okay, eh, yeah sounds perfect”.

Trump: “I’m not being investigated by Russia”

Babacar: “I didn’t say you were Sir”

Trump: “Good, because I’m not”

(There is a period of silence)

Babacar: “Mr. President, if it’s okay with you, can I tell the Irish public that I raised a number of important issues with you? And that this conversation was ‘constructive’?”

Trump: “Who is this again?”

Babacar: “…it’s Leo… Cleo Babacar, Mr. President”

Trump: “Never heard of you, okay, I’ve got to go, it’s been 10 minutes since I last tweeted”

The conversation ends. The Taoiseach is heard talking for several more minutes on the phone, appearing to continue the conversation.

Babacar: “Oh really, well, I must insist something is done for the undocumented Irish, I will not move on this issue. And we will continue to be a great place to do business for multinationals and there’s nothing you can do about it. Oh really? Well, I’m glad you’re seeing sense on the issue. No, no Mr. President no need to apologise. Stop, you’re too kind, the greatest Irish leader ever? Well, if you say so. Ok, alright, no, no you hang up first, no, you.”