Terror Strikes Again As Muslims Attack Man Driving His Van


LONDON was the scene of yet another terrorist attack last night, after men described as ‘looking like Muslims’ caused severe damage to a van driven by a white man with an English accent in the Finsbury Park area of the city.

Following recent terrorism in Manchester and London, the city was on high alert for another attack from Muslims, people who look like Muslims, or people who look like they may or may not have once been in contact with a Muslim.

As the news filtered out on social media about a speeding van hitting people in the city, tabloid news outlets were quick to assume that the driver of the van must have been an Islamic terrorist, ploughing into innocent people on the street.

However, as clarification arrived that the driver was white and the men on the street had just left a nearby mosque, retractions were printed to clarify that the terrorists were posing as pedestrians, attacking motorists with their bodies.

“The driver was taken away by police, he was obviously very upset because he was roaring about how he hates Muslims,” said on journalist, compiling an article for The Sun.

“This is yet another attack on people in our cities, and who’s at the center of it again? Look, I hate to say it, but they were in a Mosque five minutes beforehand; what went on in there? Were they told to go out and attack the first motorist they saw? Are more attacks imminent? I don’t know, but I can wildly speculate that yes, this is going to happen all day every day”.

ISIS have yet to claim responsibility for the attack, but the Daily Mail has assured the public that they’re responsible somehow.