The Last 5 Tweets From Minor Irish Celebrities That Haven’t Been Embedded Into An Article


BY NOW we’re sure our readers are familiar with the sad news that there is stark scarcity of tweets written by minor Irish celebrities that can be easily copied and pasted or embedded into an article on a small selection of 9,678 Irish online publications.

Thanks to some sterling work by the staff here at WWN Viral, we’ve tracked down the five last remaining tweets by minor Irish celebrities which have not been cashed in on and embedded into some seriously good articles. Peer publications in Ireland, we’ve come through for you, take any of these tweets below, no need for a hat tip. We got you boo!

“Just had chipper. Wasn’t the best” – Bill Cummings

Known best for his one appearance in the background of an episode of Fair City (we think it was the one where Paul had a threesome with two English girls on a hen in Carrigstown), some Irish sites have really dropped the ball and failed to include Cummings’s chipper musings in any of their delightful articles made up entirely of tweets.

“Pepper’s surgery went well. She’s a strong dog” – Amy Huberman

Now strictly speaking this is a completely different Amy Huberman, one from Utah by the looks of her Twitter account. But, look, not to do the heavy lifting for you, but you could do a whole ‘5 Tweets From A Parallel Universe Amy Huberman’ thing or if you’re feeling a bit lazy just pretend she has a dog called Pepper and shit… things aren’t looking good for her.

“It’s a nice day out” – Claire Growlan

Uber-famous Claire accidentally walked into a shot included in Boyzone’s video for their hit ‘Picture of You’. Not sure what Claire did to offend The Daily Edge so much, but surely this is nailed on for a list entitled 63 Times We Fucking Lost Our Fucking Minds When The Fucking Weather Was Fucking Class. #JusticeforClaire

“Not using Twitter anymore, check out my Insta if you want” – Michael Flassbender

It was the tweet that shocked the tweet embedding media world to its core, good old Kerryman Michael Fass…shit no, we’re after seeing our mistake here. Read that tweet too quickly, it’s actually from a dental hygienist from Belgium called Michael Flassbender. Holding our hands up here. We made an error.

“Oh my God, I like, totally haaaate when my tweets appear on those list articles” – Vogue Williams

Look, we really tried lads, but this is a bit of a devil’s pact. She wants the attention, you need the tweets or else neither of you can reasonably expect to survive. You can do the math, right? 90 Vogue Williams Tweets That Prove She’s The Best? Or maybe it’s ‘the worst’? Depending if you’re in the mood to arbitrarily shit on someone because it’s suddenly en vogue. See what we did there? Right, go on, you can have that play on words too while you’re at it.

Take these 5 tweets and make of them what you will until such a time as new tweets from minor Irish celebrities are made available.