Rathmines & Wexford Under Sharia Law For Years But Mainstream Media Won’t Report It!


A SAD fact which the mainstream media is refusing to report involves a strict observance of Sharia Law in Rathmines and Wexford, according to one local Waterford man currently foaming at the mouth.

Richie Harlihy, with an address in one of the few non-Muslim policed areas in Ireland, is one of the few men in the country ‘telling it like it is’ and vows to continue to do so following the arrests of people in Rathmines and Wexford in relation to the recent London Bridge attack.

“The mainstream media don’t want to admit it, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” confirmed Harlihy, who has not seen it with his own eyes.

“What I don’t get is why we’re letting mosques become ISIS training camps here and no one reports on these fanatics,” Harlihy added, purposefully ignoring news reports which detail an Irish man formally registering his concerns about individuals to gardaí who then subsequently failed to follow up on his concerns.

According to Harlihy, the so-called ‘no go’ areas of Rathmines and Wexford are today marshalled by militia men who carry ISIS flags, denying entry to any non-Muslims, and stoning Camogie players to death while trampling over all that we hold sacred here in Ireland.

“Did you know Islam is the third largest religion in Ireland?” Harlihy confirmed after reading reports in the Irish media, which was in no way cashing in on people’s fears or further entrenching an ‘Us vs Them’ narrative.

“Communion wafers are fucking halal wafers now and all,” Harlihy said as he barricaded himself into his home.