Building Holding Garda Whistleblower Tribunal ‘Misplaced’


YET more intrigue and suspicion surrounds senior figures at An Garda Síochána after the building in which the Disclosures Tribunal, an investigation into the treatment of Garda whistleblowers, is being held has disappeared without a trace.

Dublin Castle, which had been home to the Disclosures Tribunal after its inception in February of this year, is no longer visible from Dublin’s Dame Street with only its external walls remaining, leading to further suggestions that certain individuals may be seeking to obstruct or undermine proceedings.

CCTV footage surrounding the Castle, operated by Gardaí, was not working last night but a trail of bricks and other debris leading directly to Garda headquarters in the Phoenix Park is visible.

Asked to comment on the bizarre and disturbing turn of events a spokesman for the office of the Garda Commissioner expressed the hope that the tribunal could continue with the full cooperation of everyone, and appealed to anyone with information on the misplaced building to come forward.

“We can categorically deny the Commissioner was aware of the existence of the building, it’s called Dublin Castle, is it? To suggest she would be aware of this fact is a slur on her untainted reputation,” the spokesman confirmed.

The building is just the latest thing relating to the Tribunal to go missing following the revelations that phones used by senior Garda, requested as evidence by Judge Charleton as part of his work at the Tribunal, had gone missing.

If you have any information relating to the location of the building and would be open to being intimidated and undermined by a series of individuals covering their tracks then please get in touch with the relevant authorities.