Photoshopping Your Head Onto The Rock’s Body Instead Of Going To The Gym, A Guide


HOLLYWOOD STAR, wrestling great and man your partner would 100% leave you for in a flash, The Rock, continues to defy basic physiology by appearing more toned and buff in each and every movie we see him in.

A casual look at his Instagram profile shows the star, currently showing his muscles off in cinemas in the new Baywatch movie, bench press the weight of a small African republic, prompting envious thoughts from many of his male fans.

This can give an individual the understandable desire to look into the possibility of undertaking the same intensive fitness regime of the big chunk of man hunk.

However, WWN is here to tell you that’s fucking impossible. Have you seen the size of that guy? You haven’t exercised properly since you were 12! You break out in a sweat just looking at a flight of stairs. There is an easier, less exhaustive way to achieve his look.

WWN is happy to confirm that by simply mastering Photoshop and superimposing your face on the head of Dwayne Johnson’s body, you too can achieve the body of a God, in just a few simple steps:

Download Photoshop

Like, don’t worry about it, you can download it on the sly somewhere we’re sure, or do libraries rent that stuff out? Maybe, we dunno, we can’t hold your hand on this every step of the way.

Disappear from society for 5, maybe 10 years tops

In order for people to believe your muscles now have their own postcode, you need to put serious distance between yourself and those that remember you from school, work, their womb and various social outings.

Photoshop your head onto The Rock’s body

Not onto to his body obviously, like where his head is, so it looks like its your body. Get it? Christ, how do you even dress yourself in the mornings?

Make a glorious return to social media

Update those profile photos with that stunning picture of your good self with The Rock’s body and get ready to be treated like the exercising behemoth you definitely are not. To really enhance the impact of sharing your new look with people, it is best to add some text which is incredibly nonchalant in tone.

For example

“Just back from the gym, lifting squats with my biceps, feeling the burn. But you’ve gotta put in the hours at the spinster classes to achieve results”. Whatever suspicions the doubters possessed are easily dismissed if you adopt the language of a hardcore gym user.

Mission complete.

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