Fresh Fears As Sisters Of Charity Relinquish Hospital Control To The Government


THE Nation was left reeling after an initial flurry of celebration this morning after realising the new maternity hospital will now essentially come under the complete control of the Irish government, following a decision by the Sisters Of Charity to relinquish control of the St Vincent’s site.

The religious order announced earlier that they will end their involvement with the St Vincent’s Hospital Group and will have no involvement with the new National Maternity Hospital, leaving many protesters with mixed emotions.

“Ah Jesus, I had no idea the government would be handling things if they left the group,” voiced long time opposer of the Sisters of Charity, James Kennedy, “feck, we really didn’t think this through, did we?”

Speaking exclusively to WWN, Sisters of Charity spokesnun Sr. Gertrude Rice said that although she will be sad to see control of the hospital go elsewhere, she is positive it is what the people of Ireland deserve.

“I’m sure the government will do a great job of running it,” she sniggered, “ha-ha, oh sweet Jesus, you guys have really won this one ha-ha, be careful what ye wish for and all that ha-ha,” she continued before falling over onto the ground in hysterics, “ha-ha please, just leave me be here to laugh myself to death ha-ha, best of luck with it ha-ha”.

The National Maternity Hospital is being moved from Holles Street to a site on the grounds of St Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin 4, with a large development taking place there at an estimated cost of €150 million, which will probably be ten times that figure by it completion in 2078.