Feel Old Yet? We Basically Copied This Story From Another Site 10 Minutes Ago


WE KNOW it seems like an AGE since you first read this story on another site 10 minutes ago, but can you believe it’s been that long? And that we’ve essentially copied it verbatim from there and pasted it here for a full blown nostalgia attack!

That kid from the Charlie Bit My Finger video is all grown up, which we’d forgive you for forgetting about because you last read about it 10 minutes ago on another site that beat us to the punch.

God, remember what we were all like 10 minutes ago? Ugh, don’t drag up any old photos of us, absolutely morto!

Do you feel old yet? This is the story that drove the internet WILD about 15 minutes ago at this stage, and we figured it’d trend well so we nicked it. Well, we credited the original source, but everybody fucking knows you’re not going there to read about it. What a different place the world was 15 minutes ago, huh? There was all that news, and then there was all sport and culture, we remember it too, which is why we’ve brought you this blast from the past.

Don’t worry if you hadn’t read about the story on another publication’s site all the way back in the early 26/05/2017s, we’re sort of banking on that.

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Any here’s that photo from that story someone else wrote, Charlie Bit My we actually don’t give a fuck, we’ve got your clicks:

H/T to whatever sites this is on.

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