Local Man Watching Breaking Bad From The Start Again Clearly Has No Social Life


A MAN based in the Waterford area of the world has shared with friends that he has begun watching hit show Breaking Bad from the very start for a second time, therefore unintentionally revealing he has absolutely no social life.

Killian Grehan (27) shared with friends in a Whatsapp group that he was addicted once more to the tale of Walter White’s rise and fall, leading friends to immediately question just what Grehan was doing with his spare time.

“Ah, it’s class, I’m spotting little things I missed the first time round. Started it back up at the weekend, nearly finished series 3 already lol,” Grehan remarked, attaching a photo of him with his feet up watching the TV.

Setting up a separate Whatsapp group to discuss how much of a loser Grehan was, his friends crunched the numbers and realised the Tramore man had watched 33 episodes in the last few days.

“Lads, that’s nearly 33 hours over what, 5 or 6 days? You’ve only what 3 or 4 hours in the evenings after work… poor lad must be melting in with the couch at this rate,” remarked concerned friend Mark Healy, who was shocked this is how his friend, who is in the prime of his life, would spend his evenings and weekends.

“The fucking weather as well lads, what’s he at?” Healy added, unable to fathom just how absent any evidence of a social life was from Grehan’s life currently.

Asked by his friends if he would be around this weekend once he had concluded watching the critically acclaimed drama for a second time, Grehan confirmed he would be busy starting The Wire from the beginning for a third time.