Need Cheering Up? Have You Tried Hurting The Feelings Of A Loved One?


WELCOME to the wonderfully irritable world of the working week. That bastard of a week that seems like it’ll never end and the sense that this bad mood you’ve found yourself in won’t be helped in any way by Tom in accounts and his inability to chew his fucking apple at a level quieter than a jumbo jet.

You may be concerning yourself with ways to lighten your mood and cheer yourself up.

Well, the latest research from a variety of independent studies in recent years have all pointed to the same conclusion; to pull yourself out of a bad mood, it is helpful to drag someone you love and care for down with you.

Be it a friend sharing some good news or a family member in a suspiciously good mood, it is often in your darkest and most negative mood that a well meaning loved one can help you conquer it by feeling the full brunt of your passive aggressive comments.

Tired, frustrated and emotional after a shitty day at work? You should seriously try and take it out on someone who has nothing to do with the source of that frustration and really sock it to them.

Is your boss a prick? Did that driver cut you off in traffic? Or has it just been a long hard slog this year and you’re frankly fed up? Fun stuff like taking a walk, grabbing an ice cream, going to the cinema, just chilling on the couch are all useless when compared with really going to town in a rant aimed at a loved one.

Would it be easier to calmly outline the reasons why you’re just not at your best and are a bit pissed off and ask for support? Of course, but nothing beats the thrill of administering that stinging jibe to someone who legitimately loves you.

A throwaway comment about something you know they’re deeply insecure about could help you shake that mood you’re in and in the most positive cases, could turn your frown upside down and elicit a smile.

Go on, try it, it’ll do you wonders.