Hubble Telescope Beams Back First Picture Of Your Ma


THERE were exciting scenes in NASA this morning after the Hubble telescope beamed back images of the largest mass in the known universe, your Mam.

Technicians worked tirelessly for years to align the space observatory to the correct calibration required to truly take in the scope of your Ma, which required teams blasting off from Houston on a regular basis to tinker with the telescope in orbit.

The multi-billion dollar endeavour paid off this morning, as stunning images of your Mam spilled forth out of NASA supercomputers, wowing seasoned astronomers and physicists with their sheer magnitude.

“Ain’t she something?” Beamed Chuck Hauser, spokesperson for the NASA ‘your Ma’ team.

“We’ve seen glimpses of her before, but I never thought we’d fit her all in one image. In truth, this is several images that we’ve composited together, but we’re delighted nonetheless”.

NASA confirmed that they are now attempting to grab a picture of your Da, if anyone ever finds him.