ISIS To Present Katie Hopkins With ‘Recruiter Of The Month’ Award


KEEN to honour the contribution she has made to the fresh recruitment drive currently undertaken by ISIS, the heinous and reprehensible terror group has awarded Katie Hopkins with their coveted ‘top recruiter of the month award’, WWN can reveal.

As Manchester and the world sought comfort in one another as they reached out in an effort to stand united in defiance at the barbaric acts of a depraved and evil people, Hopkins instead helpfully suggested in a tweet that eradicating all Muslims as part of a ‘Final Solution’ would be something that should be considered.

Hopkins, known for her putrid assembly of self-serving thoughts, only ever uttered in order to further her career and line her pockets while giving no thought to the damage she does, has, according to ISIS, ‘all the hallmarks of what we look for in a recruiter’.

“She called child refugees fleeing from us ‘cockroaches’ once, the woman is a PR genius,” the spokesman for the universally hated group, ISIS, explained.

“She’s doing so much for us, we felt we had to honour her,” added the spokesman, of the group whose numbers have been steadily declining as they lose territory in Iraq and Syria, but have been delighted with the boost Hopkins’ comment represent.

“She has taught us so much too. She rants about how all 1.5 billion Muslims are the same and should be killed in a ‘final solution’. We recognise extremism when we see it, trust me. So we just show this tweet to people here in Iraq and say ‘look, everyone is like her in the West, they all want to destroy you. Look at what she, and they, are all saying. Billions of them, all the same’. They sign up straight away,” shared the ISIS spokesperson.

Thanks to her continued employment at The Daily Mail, Hopkins could continue to be ISIS’s top recruiter for some time to come as the publication doubles as a propaganda tool for the terror group and something you can wipe your arse with.