Fianna Fáil Waiting Until Fine Gael Have New Leader Before Pulling Plug On Government


IN THE AFTERMATH of Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s decision to resign as Fine Gael party leader, many people have wondered aloud if this will lead to Fianna Fáil immediately pulling their support for the government, plunging the country into a general election.

However, Fianna Fáil sources have allayed such fears, confirming they wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing until a new leader is elected on the second of June.

“Oh God no, we’ll wait for the new leader of Fine Gael to be put in place, then we’ll shite on about how the whole contest ‘destabilised the country’ and is putting the ‘important work of the Dáil’ in jeopardy. Even if it proves to be a straightforward enough process,” confirmed WWN’s Fianna Fáil source.

“If we pulled the plug now, we’d look like the bad guys, but if we just pretend like our position is suddenly untenable once Leo or Simon are elected, we can make out like it’s all Fine Gael’s fault. Oh, and we’ll definitely call the whole thing ‘chaotic’ and Fine Gael is a ‘party in chaos’,” added the source.

Despite speaking with such candour, the source denied that such an act would be blatant political opportunism.

“That’s not fair, if we didn’t pull this shit, sure we wouldn’t be Fianna Fáil. And I think I’ve been told to say something about us putting the country first or some shite, will you make sure to include that, cheers,” concluded the source.

Elsewhere, it is believed Sinn Féin will spend the day talking about a united Ireland.