Prince Harry Asks Queen If Girlfriend Can Have Free Money Too


PRINCE Harry has reportedly asked the Queen if his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, can have some free money too, sources inside Buckingham Palace confirmed earlier today.

Ever since news came to light that Prince Harry was dating the Suits actress, British taxpayers have been wondering when the next expense will kick in, with some speculating a Royal wedding date for next year.

“I can’t wait to see what expensive clothes she’s going to wear and what lavish trips they will both take on everyone else’s dime,” one British woman told WWN earlier, whose disability benefits were recently cut, “Hopefully they’ll get a nice castle somewhere and have lots of children together for us to raise financially. I also can’t wait for the tabloid mock-up images of what their kids may look like; I’ll be so excited that I won’t even notice I’m broke”.

Meghan made her first public appearance as Harry’s girlfriend earlier this month when she proudly watched Harry play Polo at Coworth Park polo club in Berkshire, where they were both snapped touching their lips off each other in a romantic fashion.

“I suppose she’s a very good actress and if she can pretend to love a ginger like Harry then she deserves to be paid,” said another British person wearing the union jack.

Sources have claimed that Prince Harry wants to propose to Miss Markle before the Invictus Games in September, so she may accompany him for free instead of having to pay for anything herself.

Yet more hints that a Royal wedding could be on the cards can be found in Miss Markle’s cancelling of her once popular blog ‘The Tig’ and the scaling back of her social media presence and the euthanization of several ‘troubled family members’ who may cause her embarrassment in her not-so-distant Royal future.