“Back In My Day We Didn’t Have To Give Women Attention, Orgasms”


IN the latest installment of WWN Voices, we give a platform to someone we really shouldn’t. Today is the turn of 68-year-old retiree John Haverty, who is livid with the expectations put on men these days by hormone addicted women.

I feel sorry for men these days. I know they have the dating apps, and women do be sending nude photos of themselves to the internets, which all sounds great. However, I can’t help but think things were easier and, dare I say, fairer when I was out having sex back in the day.

Of course back then it was called ‘giving sex’ not ‘having sex’ but I suppose that’s the politically correct madness at it again. Can’t say or do anything these days.

And don’t get me started on those corrupt scientists bribed by the shadowy feminist groups to pretend the G-spot is a thing. What next; global warming? I’ll save that for another day, I’m on blood pressure medication so best avoid getting too worked up.

Speaking of worked up, I was astonished to learn women now expect you to get them ‘worked up’, I’ve never heard something so laughable in all my days. Sex is a male pursuit, I’m not sure when this whole ‘pay me some attention, and yes, I would like an orgasm’ nonsense started but you despair when you read about it. Honest-to-God, I despair. Women of yesteryear respected men, and understood not to be bothering them with stupid things like mutual sexual gratification.

In the good, solid and reliable days of old men were men and women were sexual objects I could have free reign over. Jesus, I mean, back then ‘orgasm’ was just a lazy attempt at spelling origami, and now I’m told women make getting into their drawers as complex as making a replica of the Taj Mahal out of paper. Yup, I think I was born in the right generation.

I’m not going to call women these days stuck up, but safe to say if they have the confidence to talk back to you and give out to you for telling them they’ve a nice arse, something has gone terribly wrong in society. And, look, you’ve seen the way they dress, and young lads aren’t allowed say anything?

Men have enough to be dealing with, without having to be expected to give women attention and orgasms. We are on the precipice of a slippery slope here folks, and if we’re not careful, who knows where this could lead. Will it be legally required for men to make their bird’s slope slippery before they’ve finished? Madness. Just political correctness gone mad.

Jesus, I need a lie down.