We’re Really Sorry This Article Has No Gifs, But We’re Pretty Busy Today


FIRST THINGS FIRST, apologies. We know, we know. We’ve dropped the ball. If we had more time that last sentence would have been interrupted by an overweight Chinese toddler dropping a ball. And it would have been hilarious.

However, things sort of got away from us today. You know how it is. You land at your desk at 9, you answer a few emails, Jill from accounts tells you about how her rabbit is going blind and breaks down in tears, and before you know it’s like 2-a-fucking-o-clock.

If we were a bit more on top of things we’d have put in a gif of someone looking flustered at their desk but today just isn’t one of those days. Oh, no, not flustered like a gif in which they sort of give up and bury their head on top of the desk.

We’d understand if you were pissed off. You’re not here for the words, you’re here for the gifs of recognisable scenes from some of the most famous TV and Movies ever produced. And look, we usually use them as a crutch to make up for the wholly inadequate level of engagement we provide readers with when we just rely on our own words. This is WWN VIRAL after all. But we’re fucking slammed at the moment, we’ve things to copy from other sites, pictures and ideas to steal from Reddit, and one of the Reddit stealing lads is off sick today.

This is where we’d put a gif of Rachel from Friends looking non-plussed or some shit, but you’ve no idea; we’re run off our feet with stuff today. It’s a mad house.

Just to give you an indication of how busy we are, we can’t even find time to chuck 11 tweets from randomers in this article. We know. Popping in a gif from a beloved sitcom here at this point, which completely robs it of its true context just to make us seem sharp, would have been great but we don’t have the time.

Honestly, if you check in with us tomorrow, this will all be sorted and normal service will be resumed. Very, very sorry again as we know we’ve let our readers down.

It’s second nature to us to sign off with a Father Ted gif at this point, but obviously from reading the above you know that isn’t going to happen today. Sorry.