Irish Universities Added To List Of Institutions Hiding Money & Assets


SEVERAL IRISH universities have been added to a publicly searchable database which now allows the Irish public to see which institutions are hiding and concealing assets, intentionally or otherwise.

The ‘For Christ Sake, What Is It Now? Database’ or FCSWIIND for short has recently added UCC, UL, NUIG and DCU to the database alongside Gardaí, banks, the Church and a whole host of other institutions after the third level universities were found to have tens of millions of euro in private trusts and foundations which had not been declared in their accounts, despite pressure from regulators and the Government.

“It’s a disgrace, if we had known of these assets and trust funds earlier, we could have sorted out a further cut to education funding. This just isn’t fair,” a government spokesperson shared with WWN, his trust in the universities clearly shattered.

This fresh news comes in the wake of recent protected disclosures made by staff at UL which allege misconduct in relation to governance, as well as financial practices and human resources. The disclosures within UL also come in the wake of poor financial practices at NCAD.

“Look, I think it’s best for everyone going forward to just presume every private or public institution they encounter throughout their life to be shoddily run on a monumental scale. And once those issues are identified, resolved and ironed out, it may be helpful to presume they in the meantime yet more colossal cock ups will have somehow manifested. Ireland, huh?” chuckled the government spokesperson, now seeing the funny side of things.