School Bans Fun Thing


SCHOOLS across the country have come out in force against whatever fun new craze that kids are all about these days, stating that they will not stand for anything that does not conform with their strict rules on sitting quietly and absorbing information.

The newest fun thing sweeping the Nation has been blamed for everything from kids not paying attention in class to kids not paying attention on the playground, with reports that children as young as childhood age are attempting to have fun and bond with their peers instead of learning important things like the correct conjugations of some language they’ll never use.

“I noticed that one kid had this cool fun thing in the playground… a week later, every child had one,” groaned one teacher we talked to.

“It got to the point that the kids didn’t want to sit in total silence, listening as I drip-fed them the curriculum. They just wanted to play and be children. Can you imagine? I got straight on to the principle, who got straight on to the board. And booyah, a blanket ban on cool, fun things in school. There’s a time and a place for fun, and childhood sure isn’t it”.

Anyone caught with a cool, fun thing in school is now liable for punishments ranging from ‘extra schoolwork’ to ‘lots and lots of extra schoolwork’.